We're the lemurs from Roos-N-More Zoo and there are four types of lemurs that live here. We have the Ring-Tailed Lemurs that LOVE to stink fight by rubbing scent on their tails and flicking them at each other or you! There are the Red-Fronted Brown Lemurs who love to be scratched through the fence. Two of them were actually rescued from a bad situation in a pet store and the other used to appear on tv with Jack Hanna! Then, there are the Red-Ruffed Lemurs who have the most awesome alarm call that sounds like a mixture of hooting, barking, and laughing all together. And finally, the youngest of the bunch is the Black and White Ruffed Lemur. The Ruffed Lemurs are the largest of all the lemurs and live at the tops of the trees!

All lemurs are from Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa and all are very endangered! Roos-N-More Zo actually holds special permits from the US Government that allows us to care for and breed these animals!