Hi there from Roos-N-More Zoo's Asian Small Clawed Otters! You can find us in freshwater streams and lakes all over Asia. We eat mostly crustaceans but do go fishing on occasion too. We are the smallest of the 13 otter species and are the only otters that catch our food with our hands! In Malaysia, fishermen have even partnered with us to help run fish into their nets. If you come visit, we are VERY noisy and have 12 different vocalizations. The most common one you'll hear at Roos-N-More is a high-pitched whine that means, please come visit us!

We are the most expensive animals at the zoo to feed so we'd love it if you would sponsor us. You can also bring donations of frozen tilapia filets and seafood medleys to the zoo when you come and visit. We wouldn't turn down lobster or crab either!